Thursday, 28 April 2016

My 4 day trip to Dorset (Day 1 - late morning cont.) - Bournemouth - The Russell-Cotes Museum and Art Gallery (cont.) - The Morning Room; the Drawing Room and the Main Hall - The 21st of April 2016


I walked into the Morning Room which is said to have been originally filled with paintings, ceramics and part of the Japanese collection and used as Merton Russell Coteses study. Its 1948 ceiling designed by Anna Zinkensen depicts Greek Gods and Goddeses.

The Happy Family painting by William Roberts was inspired by the painter's observations of everyday life.

I soon walked into the Drawing Room with a remarkable 19th century sculpture attributed to Orazio Andreoni representing Jael.
The multiple Art works and artefacts amongst which an 1848 marble sculpture by John Gibson depicting Queen Victoria were worth looking at and the more I seemed to immerse myself into the overall atmosphere of the house the more I felt my admiration for this couple grew.

The main Hall was astoundingly beautiful with its numerous sculptures and paintings. A gentleman sat somewhere in the middle of the hall quietly sketching, as we strolled around it. I was particularly impressed with the disposition of the artistic works and a few sculptures in display.

(as seen from the upper floor)

Cleopatra - a late 19th century sculpture by Lambardi Eugenio (left). Mrs. Barbe Sladen - a 19th century marble sculpture by Baron Carlo Marochetti (right).

A Black Queen - 1881 marble and bronze sculpture by Pietro Calvi.

An Arab Chief - 1860 marble and bronze sculpture by Pietro Calvi.

A Wood Nymph - 1886 oil on paper by Robert Poetzelberger (right).

(To be continued)


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