Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (second day - evening) - At the former Mayor's - The 25th of March 2015

We headed towards the new house of the former Mayor, who has since then been appointed as Municipal Deputy and therefore recently moved. We were initally welcomed by him and his youngest daughter, once Joceane (who was a former participant in the local artistic workshops) and her mother were out.

As they got back from the mess we were shown around the house whilst Joceane helped her sister to start doing some of the artistic works I had bought for her.

I will always feel indebted to both of them, for having strengthened our friendship over the years and supported me, not to mention providing me with the transport from the capital city to Calheta whenever I am around.

As we climbed to the upper patio I realised the weather was rather unstable with greyish clouds covering the sky. The view was magnificent, though the feeling was one of an abandoned grey concrete-like village with just a few specks of colour. The mountains far in the distance whose colour blended with the grey added to the overall melancholy. 


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