Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (third day - early afternoon cont.) - Photographing some children and handing out the last presents - The 26th of March 2016

Most of the last minutes we spent in Calheta ended up being talking to several children, as well as mothers and photographing them. Bruno finally made it and was handed the last present, as Jocelyne, Eveline and Veinilson came by to hand out the letters for the "godparents" and to show the dress she had been given (in the case of Eveline Natalina) and the construction he had managed to make so that I could photograph it and show his "godfather" (in the case of Veinilson).

Bruno holding the letter, the money for the school needs and the presents sent to him by his new "godfather".

Jocelyne having an extra photo taken for her "godmother" Marie Hélène (left). Noëlle standing between Leinira and Tarine, who proved to be our greatest helpers on the second day and whom we decided to pay for the supporting work (right).

Under the observation of Mr. Meno, as he sat under the palm tree.

Veinilson holding the 3D construction his "godfather" João had sent him and which he was supposed to assemble.

Eveline wearing the new dress her "godfather" Miguel bought for her.

Micael finally holding his presents.

Carla and Iolanda with their youngest siblings.

Nélida with some of her cousins.

We had been expected to leave by 4h30 but the local transport bus driver came by the pension letting Sr. Meno know that by 3H00 he would be making his last Calheta-Praia-Calheta round trip, so we had to get ready and not miss that opportunity otherwise we wouldn't make it to Praia that day.
We still had to drive around Veneza (where the photograph to be seen below was taken) so as to fill in the bus with random passengers and by the time we finally drove off to the capital it was gone 4H00.


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