Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (third day - early afternoon) - The handing out of a few more presents - The 26th of March 2016

We then headed back to the pension to see to the last arrangements before driving back to Praia. Naiade came around wearing the earings and the necklace her "gomother" had sent her, so that I could have her photograph taken. The mothers of Ismael and Helber came around to collect the money for the school needs of their children, once I had forgotten to hand them out the previous day.

Though I don't recall the name of a lady who came to see me I do remember when she used to prepare my breakfast at Morgana's (the first residencial pensian I stayed at in 2009) and we used to sit around talking for endless hours at the end of the working days. It is somehow sad to see the way she is now, having had a psychological disease. I handed her out some extra clothes I had brought along, so she could give them to her daughter. 

I ended up distributing a T-shirt and a dress to a girl who kept on looking at me in an almost extactic state as I was looking for Luandra's presents among the things that were left. Being quite small Luandra didn't realise she had been given those presents by a Portuguese adolescent who decided to invest her own pocket money on her. To add to those I still handed her one of the colourful second -hand blouses Beta had given me for the children.

As Noëlle took to distributing some baloons to a group of children who had come to say hello Micael's aunt came along to collect her nephew's presents and the money for the school needs, letting us know he had been to hospital in Praia because of an arm infection and was on his way back to Calheta. In case he didn't make it before we drove off she herself decided to thank the "godfather" on his behalf.

A local lady came by to ask me to photograph her daughter. Because I still had some extra baby clothes, I handed her a colourful T-shirt and a short-sleeved woolen dress.

One of the two last presents left was finally collected by Lucileida, who let me know she didn't know we were in Calheta, but seemed quite happy with what Teresa  had bought for her.

Ana Paula's  once"goddaughters" came around for me to photograph them and I managed to hand out to one of them a pair of shorts (Elsa had kindly given me), as well as a T-shirt.

(To be continued)

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