Thursday, 7 April 2016

Praia, Cape Verde (fourth day - morning and early afternoon) - Cidade Velha - The 27th of March 2015

We got up later than usual because not only was it Easter Sunday but also a public holiday, so we knew well in advance that there wouldn't be much we could do, though our main concern had to do with the public transport availability.
Soon after breakfast we walked down from the Plateau area heading towards the Sucupira market where most public buses leave from. I was astounded to see that the stone staircase had been painted in vibrant colours which slightly resembled a rainbow.

It wasn't too much of a problem to catch a bus and rather than have to later climb up to see the Cidade Velha Cathedral's remains we asked the driver to let us get off before the turn going down. We strolled around for a while before having walked down towards the fishing beach and bay, heading in the direction of the main square where the pillory stands to farther continue into Banana street and Our Lady of the Rosary church.

Since I have been going to Cidade Velha, which is  (over the last 12 years) at least once a year I have only seen the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary open twice, this being the second time it has occured.

It was obvious a mess would soon be carried out, but I was still allowed to take two photographs of the tombstones which could be seen embedded in the church floor. Noëlle stayed behind whilst I walked with Sonia towards the open air chapel overlooking the bay, which was no longer there to my disappointment, having been partly transformed into an esplanade café which is still undergoing works.  

We sat at a local restaurant to have a tyical fish soup with "modje de S. Nicolau" before we drove back to Praia having climbed up the rainbow-like stairs we had walked going down in the morning.

I had had a rather enjoyable day ..., despite feeling tired.

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