Sunday, 3 April 2016

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (second day - early afternoon) - Lunch at Nate's; the handing out of some more presents - The 25th of March 2016

Upon reaching Calheta we headed up the hill towards Nate's, where the family was waiting us for lunch. As always we had a great meal before getting back to the pension where we distributed a few more presents, not before having Leidina (the youngest of the Landim family) ask me to photograph three of her tests, in which she obtained  very good marks, to show her "godmother".

Elisabeth, Ângela, the parents and Lou (back row from left to right). Leinira, Cesaltina and Elias (siting form left to right), with Leidina  being absent.

I handed a T-shirt (given by Adelaide) and a cardigan (by Paulinha) to a girl next door, who happens to be Jessica Joceane's niece.

On the way to the harbour I came across Bruno and a girl whose face I didn't remember until she reminded me that some time ago she had had a Portuguese "godmother" (who has since then left to work abroad). I ended up giving a T-shirt (bought by Adelaide) to another young child who had been following us rather discreetly.

Once we got to the pension a few children were already waiting for me. The first one to get the presents bought by Carmo was Naiade, followed by Veinilson who was given the presents bought by João. It was then Carline's turn whom I bought the presents for and handed the money for the school needs. Juliza came around to collect some other things her "godmother" Isabel Mègre had sent and which I hadn't been able to find the previous day, whilst David's father came to thank me for the kindness of having brought him a few presents as well.

The siblings Jocelyne and Ivanilde Elena were also given their presents and money for the school needs sent to them by their "godmothers" Marie Hélène and Rosa respectively followed by Flavio, whose "godfather" Rui sent him quite a few presents (to which I added a box with 50 games, which had been left behind the previous year because of lack of space and weight). 

(To be continued)

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