Monday, 18 April 2016

Last considerations on the Cape Verde trip ...

As I was handing out the last  letters the Cape Verdian children wrote to their "godparents" and some of the "delicacies" ("feijão pedra" typically used in the making of the traditional catchupa and "doce de leite" cakes) they kindly sent I wondered how many of the Portuguese "godparents" who got these did really grasp and understand the scope of the gestures on the part of these genuinely beautiful Cape Verdian villagers. 

I have recently written an article on the Calheta project which will soon be published in the enterprise magasine so as to sensitize those who haven't yet had the chance to go to Calheta and experience the overall atmosphere (not that everyone who has gone there did). 

Whether it is important to understand the local people we are trying to help or not may be irrelevant, so long as we continue helping them but I feel they deserve to be understood in their essence ...  and beauty ... 

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