Thursday, 7 April 2016

Praia, Cape Verde (fifth day - morning and afternoon) - Around Quebra Canela beach and Plateau - The 27th of March 2016 and arrival at my service, Lisbon Airport (early morning) - The 28th of March 2016

We didn't get up too early in the morning, as we would have spend the entire day strolling about till the evening. Soon after having checked ot and left the baggage in the reception hall of the residencial hotel we hopped onto a bus heading to Achada de Santo Antonio, to see the Parliement and the Embassies' area, having then walked down to Quebra Canela beach. 

We were followed by a dog which happend to have befriended Noëlle as we walked along the bay towards Plateau via Prainha, the Government Palace and the Sucupira market, which we reached early in the afternoon.  

We stopped by the high School square briefly before having decided to have lunch at Quintal da Musica, which we went back to later so as to have an ice-cream. Noëlle and I still made it to Fazenda on taxi to get to know one of the best city bookshops (I was really impressed with) and try to buy a book, we hadn't been able to find anywhere else.

Killing time, is what we did afterwards till it was time to board the late evening flight. We landed at Lisbon airport in the early hours of the 28th and as Sonia headed home and Noëlle to a flight back to Nantes I walked all the way to the Training Centre, in time to meet the guardian, whom I handed the first letters and presents to (Filomena happens to be the "godmother" of five Cape Verdian children) and get ready to teach.

Whenever I come back home after having been to Cape Verde I always have a feeling of fulfillement and the sense of a mission accomplishment, and yet in the back of my mind there's (also) always a hammering feeling of "I wish I could do more" ...

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