Thursday, 7 April 2016

Praia, Cape Verde (fourth day - afternoon and evening) - Around the Plateau area - The 27th of March 2016

Whilst Sonia stayed at the hotel having a nap, Noëlle and I decided to walk around the Plateau, which I have been strolling on for endless hours on different occasions since 2001. Apart from a few new graffitis, everything looked the same. Before walking back we spent some time at a local supermarket so as to look at the "novelties" and buy canned tuna from São Nicolau and grained coffee from Fogo.

Back at the residential Hotel I started organising the "thank you letters and cards as well as the presents sent by the children to their "godparents" so that their handing out in Lisbon would be easier, as in accordance with the services and areas.

Most restaurants and cafés were closed because of it being Easter Sunday but we were lucky enough to have found "Flor de Lys" open, where we had a very tasty "buzio and octopus rice" followed by green papaia jam and goat cheese.

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