Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (third day - morning cont.) - At Erica's and a light meal at Dona Celeste's - The 26th of March 2016

We headed towards Erica's so that Noëlle could get acquainted with the family members of the girl she is "protecting" and whom she had only briefly met one year and a half ago. Due to the language barrier I had to translate almost everything and though the sequence of questions-answers were more like a "second-hand" type of approach everyone realised there's nevertheless a strong bond and connection between Noëlle and the family that goes beyond the communication limitations and cannot be explained.

Because we didn't have much time left to eat something and head back to the pension we soon found ourselves walking towards the harbour area, where I came across Jamilson's mother and Bruna going on errands.

We stopped by Dona Celeste's, so that I could hand her out some presents I had bought for her and upon noticing we hadn't had lunch yet she wouldn't let us go without having made some omelettes for Noelle and Sonia and two fried eggs for me.

There is a genuine kindness on the part of most Cape Verdians (not to say all) that makes us speechless and among  the many foreign countries I have paid a visit to Cape Verde is undeniably one the most welcoming.


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