Thursday, 26 March 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 10 early afternoon) - Saint Thomas Basilica, Chennai - The 20th of February 2015

On the way to Saint Thomas Basilica (our last visit) we drove by the Bay and the beach that stretched for kilometres. We were allowed out to take a few photographs. It was really hot and the more our flying time got closer the more we felt we would miss the heat  of the country and the warmth of the Indian people.

Considered the principal Church  of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Madras and Mylapore the Neo-Gothic Basilica is said to have been built by the Portuguese in the 16th century over the supposed tomb of Saint Thomas, as well as the remains of the original Kapaleeshwarar Temple, which Portuguese explorers had destroyed earlier. 
As we visited it I somehow felt our minds were already half way back into Paris and the routines we would soon have to get used to again (not to mention the cold). A few details did get my attention particularly the presence of two peacock representations (highly symbolic in India) by the feet of the life-size statue of Jesus Christ together with the "Deus Meu" (written in Portuguese) on the representation of Saint Thomas. 

The local agency offered us a fantastic meal at a local restaurant (located in a back alley which could hardly  be seen from the "outside") ... It was clearly the best meal we had throughout the whole circuit (and we did have some really good meals!...) An almost "bitter-sweet" meal, as we would soon be gone ...

The last half an hour  in Indian territory (before making our way to the domestic airport through the dense city traffic) was spent at a local seven or eight storey-high shop, so as to spend our last rupees ...

One last "experience" ... one last image ...


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