Monday, 30 March 2015

The latest films I have watched ...

I have recently seen two films which despite being very different both dealt with family drama and disruption caused by issues beyond people's control. If on one hand one  focusess on what it is like to live with Alzheimer's disease and consequently the struggle through confusion, anger and pain the other  highlights life's dilemmas in regards to one's love for the family and one's committment to such a dangerous and  demanding work as being a war photographer, one can't let go of.

A thousand times good night is said to have been inspired  by the author and screen writer's personal experience as a war photographer, which may be shared by the so many who feel it is imperative to disclose what goes on in war-inflicted countries even if it implies putting oneself at risk, whilst Still Alice  is inspired by a disease which breeds yet another war ... the war between "still" being  and what one no longer is capable of being.
They have both been brilliantly interpreted and if Still Alice has won an Oscar for  the main female character  interpretation category, A thousand times good night has won a special grand prize of the Jury at the 37th Montreal Film festival.
Awards apart, both films are worth seeing, especially because they make us ponder on the fragilities and strenghts of  human character, and the importance family has in such or similar circumstances.

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