Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 10 morning) - Images and first impressions ..., Chennai - The 20th of February 2015

We left Kanchipuram and the resort behind on what would be our last drive in India, a 65 kilometre distance to Chennai where we would fly back to France from, after paying a brief visit to some of the most important places.
We had a group photo taken (guide and driver included), just outside the resort entrance garden to capture the faces of all who made such a trip an interesting one. We weren't many, which in itself was already an advantage and  to add to it we got along very well with each other. The fact that I was the only one on my own, so to say, didn't interfere with the overall "couple" group atmosphere and in no way felt the odd one out, on the contrary.

As we got closer to Chennai I started taking quite a few photos from inside the bus ... mostly photos of women, for the simple reason that they were the ones who, apart from some buildings and market scenes brought out the colourful soul of the city with their flamboyant  colour sarees.

The city looked  and sounded like a bustling "market" with people and traffic moving about in every direction. To actually drive across the heart of the city took us as much time as it had taken us from Kanchipuram to its outskirts.


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