Friday, 6 March 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 5 afternoon cont.) - Around the side streets of the Meenakshi AmmanTemple - The 15th of February 2015

Wandering around the streets provided the opportunity  to come across street vendors and ordinary people we would otherwise have no chance to meet and talk to. I would risk saying Indians are among the most "talkative" people I have met during my numerous trips. They seem to be keen on having their photos taken and have us included in them. We were approached by people wanting to take their photos whilst standing beside us, as well as those who just wanted to know where we were coming from and eventually find out what our names were, which they then repeated out loud as if to memorise them.
I didn't photograph everything I was taken by (due to a certain sense of respect for people's intimacy), such as women selling their hair (which resonated with the fact that we had come across several women with short hair, which is something I wouldn't have envisaged not even in my wildest dreams, possibly because one is used to seeing them wearing that shiny, good looking hair), or people who clearly looked uncomfortable at the sight of the cameras (as the man who was selling food placed on a rather exquisite cone-like table in the middle of the street).

We later called at a traditional tailor's we had been to in the morning to collect the outfits we had had made (Odille, Carole and myself). That was actually the first thing I bought in India together with two small silk made bags and two silver ankle bracelets (for me and my friend Ana), with the silver earrings and the henna tatoo inks having been bought (later) in Pundicherry.


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