Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 6 late afternoon cont.) - The Brihadeeswarar Temple (cont.), Thanjavur - The 16th of February 2015


We sat down for about twenty minutes on one of the side galleries as our guide explained some rituals associated with the Hindu culture and provided us with additional information regarding religious issues we might not have otherwise had access to easily.
Because of the dimming light we moved on in and out of some of the temple shrines on our way out and by the time we reached the entrance hall night had fallen and the temple lights were on. 

I wish we had had more time to "explore" the Temple ensemble as it was really worth the extra time. The visit had been initially programmed for the following day but taking into account the fact that we would be staying at a hotel some kilometres away from Thanjavur that seemed then the best option in organisational terms. It had been a long and "culturally rich" day, which wasn't over and we were being awaited at the hotel for a traditional dance performance none of us wanted to miss ...


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