Sunday, 22 March 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 8 evening and Day 9 morning and late afternoon) - The MGM Beach Resort Hotel, Mahabalipuram - The 18th and 19th of February 2015

Hotels might not be that important but whenever you have some free time in your cultural oriented circuits, especially after having had some tiring days travelling around by bus hotels like the MGM beach resort we were lodged at did make a difference. Not only was it located close to the Bay of Bengal with kilometres of beach, we could spend some time on (not being my case, as I was still feverish) with a sea water swimming pool (which again I wouldn't take advantage from) but also surrounded by grass lawns and trees that somehow provided quite a relaxing type of atmosphere.
The garland we were given as a welcome gift was made of shells and little pebbles, which again reminded us of the proximity of the sea. Crows could be seen almost everywhere and it was clear that they could be the only nuisance once they showed their presence even at the dinning restaurant despite the fact that is was netted as a protective means (which didn't fully work).

The buffet meal didn't impress any of us but the non-buffet dinner did, especially the rather exquisite soup which tasted really good. A Charlot dressed up character came around to our table and it was very entertaining not to mention the different type of entertainment provided by the live music band playing hits of the seventies and eighties in the restaurant room close to the one we were having dinner at.

As we got back from the Temple visits on the 19th of February and as most of my trip companions made it to the swimming-pool area I  sat on my hotel room balcony and read, whilst admiring the surrounding landscape.  


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