Monday, 23 March 2015

Something important by Nai-Wei Liu as part of the annual Monstra venue of short animated films, Lisboa

Having taken the time to watch a few of the student competing short animated films as part of the Monstra venue being held in Lisbon I was far from imagining the 7'35''  long  short animated film "Something important" by  the young Taiwanese NaiWei Liu would have such an impact on me. 

Short as it was its underlying message will linger on for much longer. The rather simple and naive drawn elements combined with realistic photo scenes (particularly at the end) together with the beautifully short, yet meaningful text took me as a viewer along its author and film-producer's journey of self discovery ... one that is inevitably connected to memories ... important memories ...  and what those memories entail ...

Undeniably one of the best short animated films I have seen in the last years ...


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