Sunday, 22 March 2015

My beloved colleagues and students (cont.) ... - March 2015

I may sound repetitive but  I love being surrounded by people who do respect my work and my commitment, just as I believe anyone would ... 
I have the privilege of having had an undeniably hard working week amidst these kind of people, students (I hadn't seen since 1983 and some I had had in my classes not long ago) who have become colleagues and whom I have been attached to since the first time they walked into my classrooms (despite not having seen them regularly).
The refresher courses, besides the training obligations, allow me to find out what they have done with their lives beyond what is professionally required, as far as the English Language is concerned, as well as the impact I have (or haven't) had in the development of the language. 

Refresher course groups from Porto Santo and Faro

My beloved colleagues and students ... March 2015


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