Monday, 16 March 2015

My beloved colleagues and students ... - March 2015

Tiredness is often "forgotten" when "old" students (who have since then become colleagues and a few of them friends) share the same classroom with you, whether it is just for a day (in the case of the refresher courses) or twice a week over an extended period of time. Despite the fact we occupy distinct positions the importance lies on the imparting of knowledge, the sharing of information  and the discussion of different points of view in English more than "who is who" within the classroom.

I have always believed (and still do) that apart from some of my closest relatives the ones who know me best happen to be my students ... they are the ones I get attached to, spend time with and work for (in a strictly metaphorical sense).

Whenever memories surface in the form of "I still remember what you said twenty years ago, as I first sat in your class" or the "I remembered what you had said and used it as I was being tested",  I'm finally aware of the importance I have had in their "training" lives and that makes me happy and to a certain extent fulfilled.

English Language development group - Lisboa

Faro and Porto Santo refresher course groups.

... My beloved colleagues and students ... March 2015


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