Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 7 morning cont.) - The Gangaikondacholapuram Temple (cont.) - The 17th of February 2015


We walked around the numerous shrines spread on the courtyard. The green lawns and the trees seemed to enhance the beauty of their carvings. I couldn't deny it ... I was surrendered by it all, though I felt I wouldn't have time to absorb everything that I saw ... it was as if it would be "out of reach" and a feeling of "incompleteness" would still linger on the moment I left (I would later realise I wasn't entirely wrong  in that assumption).

Ganapathi shrine

Amman shrine

Mahisasuramardi shrine

Gnana Saraswathi

Mandapan Lakshni

The previous day had been tremendously rich, architecturally speaking, and I knew that "richness" would continue throughout the day ... we were in "Chola territory" and its past was too present for any of us not to be impressed with it even without going deeper into the complex and detailed iconic representation of Hindu Mythology and the symetric position of their representations on the temple "facades" evoking the dimension of the cosmic time through dance and its rhythm, a fascinating aspect on its own.


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