Monday, 2 March 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 5 morning) - The flower market and the Teppakulam Mariyamman tank, Madurai - The 15th of February 2015

The flower market we visited early in the morning was quite special because every little gesture was somehow associated to a worship or praising perspective. Flower necklaces and garlands of all possible mixed colours are commonly used as offers of some kind, whether they are welcoming  or "parting" ceremonies. Flowers are also often used to dress women's hair. We could see ordinary women wearing some every day and many of the hair garlands they wore seemed quite intricate. Graciousness that's the word that came to my mind.

Watching the numerous street vendors gathered along two parallel streets, that made up the flower market, whether collecting petals in bags, or having them turned into magical coloured necklaces was quite a sight. There was an inebriating scent in the air and we were all carried away by the bustling fairy-like atmosphere.

Before heading to the Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal Palace we briefly stopped by the Teppakulam Marriyamman tank, a huge temple tank fed by water brought from the river Vaigai through what is considered an ingenious system of underground water canals. Being the biggest tank of its kind in Tamil Nadu it has a temple of Ganesha on the artificial island in the middle.

An yearly festival is said to attract large numbers of tourists and visitors due to the importance of parading of deities being carried in golden palanquins and escorted in a procession of elephants, horses, musicians and devotees.

(To be continued)


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