Monday, 2 March 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 4 afternoon cont.) - Across the road from the Gandhi Memorial Museum, Madurai - The 14th of February 2015


As Carole, Pascal and I finished visiting the Gandhi Memorial Museum and made our way out to the gardens to await for the others we sighted a Hindu temple just across the road from where we were and decided to briefly venture into it before it was time to leave.

The intricate Deity decoration of the towers are almost always (if not always) too impressive to ignore I couldn't therefore help taking a few close up photographs. 

We walked barefoot (as it was expected) along an alley that led to the temple courtyard where some worshipers were either burning candles or eating sat on its ground. There are some rituals associated with the Hindu worshipping I'll have to read about so as to further understand what goes on, but I then reckoned we would have an opportunity the following day whilst visitng the Meenakshi Amman Temple, the most prominent in Madurai where Sagar would be expected to "lecture" us on whatever we might be able to "absorb" regarding the Hindu culture.

As we got back to the gardens a picture caught my attention. I had seen it on various panels spread around different cities, among the thousands of polical party leaders photographs (I  would have to ask Sagar who this character was ... there was something in his expression that somehow appeased me ...).


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