Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 9 morning cont.) - Ekambareswarar Temple (cont.), Kanchipuram - The 19th of February 2015


We continued our visit by briefly looking at the Temple priests washing their garments and having them dry out in the sun on the steps around the Temple tank believed to have an underground holy river.

We then walked along the rather impressive corridors lined with frightening colourful life size sculptures (I believe used in festival ceremonies), as well as a series of "worshiping" Shiva Lingams (said to be 1,008 in total) not to mention the multiple creative rice flour powder and chalk kolams.

Having read about some  Hindu rites and rituals did help me in the interpretation of some gestures on the part of worshippers but the truth of the fact is that I still found it hard to thoroughly understand certain  Hinduism related issues though I kept on trying.


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