Thursday, 26 March 2015

Getting together with friends in Paris - The 21st of February 2015

I got to Paris on the early morning of the 21st, having managed to sleep throughout most of the night flight from Mumbai. Having an evening flight back to Lisbon allowed me to spend a great part of the day at  some friends' ... (whom I consider to be rather special friends). 
They were counting on me for lunch, so as not to show myself at their door that early I made my way to "bagages du monde" where I left my luggage and soon got onto an RER to Chatelêt  ... It was a fairly greyish and cold day, for which I hadn't prepared myself, but the cosiness of FNAC where I spent the following two hours soon made me forget about the discomfort.
By midday (under the rain that insisted on falling) I made my way to Gare du Nord, just a few minutes away from their home. I was welcomed with a splendid Porto wine glass, followed by an incredible meal Gérard had specially made for me ... not forgetting the delicious desert (they still remembered I am "gourmande").
I spent the whole afternoon with them, looking through an amazing genealogical research Danielle is putting down in book format for her grandchildren  until it was time to get back to Roissy.

It would have been different had they not have been there for me ... there's nothing like being with good friends, who cherish and love you when you are on your own ... I was privileged enough to have had that loving feeling on  my two-way to Paris ... (before and after India).


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