Friday, 11 September 2015

The latest films I have seen ...

I have recently watched two films I highly recommend. The courthouse on horseback (2006) provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of some mainland China's least accessible rural areas in which bending the letter of the law is often advisable to honour deep entrenched village codes and local customs, as it is made clear  in the trip of the major characters, a duo of experienced "movable" Court government employees accompanied by a recent Law School graduate, who deprived of "live" experience strongly holds onto the theoretical resolutions he has learned about during his academical life.

Whilst the 2012 Cannes premiered film, A respectable family highlights corruption at a high level, which despite not being too different from the level of corruption I have felt in some of the countries I have travelled to may nevertheless hurt susceptibilities. But what impressed me most was the feeling of hopelessness on the part of the main character, an academic who having studied and lived abroad finds himself unexpectedly trapped in the turmoil of the dark secrets of his family he initially wrestles with. 


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