Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My 3 day Italy trip - Milano, the Cathedral's interior - The 20th of September 2015


Despite having had quite a few problems at the entrance because of a small glass flask of perfume which I had to dispose of and the incessant up and down the stairs forced walking so as to throw away the inacceptable items and have the back pack checked again and again, the moment I walked into the Cathedral's interior all the nuisances were forgotten.

Having been built over several hundred years in a number of different and sometimes contrasting styles has given it, in my opinion, a rather remarkable touch. In the words of Henry James "If it had no other distinction, it would still have that of an impressive immesurable achievement ... a supreme embodiement of vigorous effort."

The photos I have taken may or may not speak for themselves but I did enjoy the visit and was unfortunate not to have visited both the roof and the Cathedral's Museum, which I had bought tickets for, because of lack of time.


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