Thursday, 3 September 2015

On the Não_Corpo (Non_Body) performance at the International Theatre Festival in Setúbal - The 2nd of September 2015

I couldn't help but hop onto a train heading in the direction of Setúbal after a long day's work just to watch my daughter performing at the 17th International Theatre Festival.

I didn't exactly know what to expect but the fact that she finally managed to perform after a "non-productive" theatrical period, which must have affected her I was feeling overjoyed knowing well in advance that this is what she really wants to do and gives her entire soul to.

Based on René Crevel's  the adapted text wasn't exactly easy to understand once it delt with feelings ... duality ... pain  ... uncertainty and even authenticity. The three actors who took on the stage, particularly the two performing the leading roles led us, as viewers, into the world of their profound emotions, reflections and doubts as if we ourselves were amidst the turmoil of such a conflicting duality.

The inclusion of a pre recorded video at the begining of the performance set the scene and the interspersed dancing throughout the performing act gave it a whole "refreshing" type of approach, in my opinion, particularly because some of those were second to none ...
Whilst running the risk of being considered bias I'd say Mia's almost raw and carnal moves as she danced in the dim light were one of the highest moments if not the highest in the overall theatrical performance.


The auditorium Luisa Todi's audience was expectant through to the end as if the final scene could unexpectedly veer  and whether some of us might have guessed what it would come to I reckon the real importance lies on what you may have brought out with you once the performance was over ...
What is  to be considered authentic and what isn't but a mere reflection of what one is supposed to be or have been? ... Is there any logic in a given sequence of events? Where does the communion of the "body" lead to? Where and how can phantasy be accounted for and where does reality set its boundaries? How can one erase the words already embedded in the memory of a given body? Will they be able to outlive the painful truth? What  does one do in regards to lies as versus doubts?

Definately worth being watched and pondered on, despite the fact that it was a one performing act  ... and if anyone still has any doubts about the potential of Theatre in Portugal, performing acts such as Mia's speak for themselves.
May festivals like this one, which has reached its seventeenth edition continue to set performing art and culture into motion, as well as further encourage actors and audience alike.

René Crevel's text adapted by Tiago Bôto and Wagner Borges
Performing actors: Mia Farr, Tiago Bôto and Wagner Borges
Performing actor in the video: São José Correia
Light design and light setting: Alexandre Costa


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