Friday, 11 September 2015

My 1 day Tallinn trip in 2009 - On the way back to the ferry terminal - The 2nd of November 2009


After having had lunch we headed back once more to the Old town centre strolling around in an attempt to further get the feeling of the medieval architecture we were so impressed with.

We ended up in  a narrow medieval street and passageway, the Saiakang alley, just off the Town Hall square, which was trully fascinating.

We came across a model of a medieval merchant' s house, a 14th century building with a gabled upper storey used to store merchandise, whilst guests were entertained on the first floor.

We walked in and out of several handicraft shops and I now regret not having bought some of the things I was so fascinated by, but which I felt might occupy a larger space than the one I could in my baggage allowance.

We made our way to the ferry terminal via the Pärnu Mantee street in the fringes of the city having therefore come across a rather exquisite Art Nouveau building combined with rustic style features in a unique manner to the Baltic States, the Estonian Drama Theatre, which was built in 1910 as a German language theatre until it was purchased in 1939. It is siad to be the largest theatre in Estonia, with  a 40 member company and an average of 500 performances per season. 

As we sailed off we spoke of the importance of having had a touch of the Medieval atmosphere of this Baltic state. Had we had time and we would have stayed longer, to at least be able to visit some of the outstanding churches we were not allowed in because of the opening timetables. Having gone across from Finland was really worth it and the fact that I so vividly remember many of those precious moments accounts for that.


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