Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My 3 day Italy trip - Firenze, around Santa Maria Novella; Santi Michele e Caetano church, Santa Maria Magiori church - The 19th of September 2015

Once we left Santa Maria Novella church we sat at the park right in front of its main entrance where a street musician singing and playing some old songs from the 60s had everyone silently hooked onto his ratther melancholic voice. The sun was shining bright and we were quite happy. We soon made our way towards the Duomo with a tasty ice cream cone in our hands.

We couldn't help walking into Santi Michele e Caetano church, as if we hadn't seen enough of churches and their religious artefacts throughout our two day visit  to Firenze.
Its building is said to have taken place between 1604 and 1648 and its façade rather atypical for Florentine chuches which clearly had a predilection for geometrically ornamented churches rather than sculptural decorated ones.
I quite liked its grayish interior atmosphere aith its rich collection of  17th century sculptures.

From it we soon walked into another one located further along  the same area, Santa Maria Maggiori.  With a rather undecorated exterior this Romanesque and Gothic-style church said to have been originally constructed in the 11th century impressed me particularly because of the vaulted frescoes.

We decided to head towards the central Market via San Lourenzo church whose visits had just finished to finally sit at local restaurant where we had a copious meal that finished with a local dessert we both appreciated.

On the way back to the hotel we still took three more photos, one of Dante's painting on a movable caravan and two of a street painting we came across il Borgo La Croce.


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