Friday, 11 September 2015

My 4 day Helsinki trip in 2009 - The Sibellius park; around the southern harbour - The 3rd of November 2009

When time came for us to pack our things and fly back home we felt we were not ready to ... we were growing fond of the cold days, the sea breeze, the gardens and forested areas, not to mention the people, who we had been told were cold and "detached" but  who found out not to be like that at all, at least according to our experience.


We briefly revisited places we had been to on our sightseeing trip, though I only managed to photograph the Sibellius park and Monument and not the outstanding rock church, due to  a religious chorus rehearsal that was being held, which we were fortunate enough to assist to.

We walked along the southern harbour area without any particular direction. We just kept on literally walking. The presence of the sea has always had a soothing effect on me and despite the memories of my childhood filled with merchant ships anchored along the harbour within visual reach from my grandmother's upper storey house I was nevertheless impressed by the huge ships we could see as we walked along the shore paved way.


An impressive statue, the shipwreck by Robert Stigell caught our attention and more so because the day looked rather grey and stormy-like giving the whole scenario atmosphere a fearful "touch" as if it were storm pron.


The huge gigantic walking sort of dancing lady was equally impressive ... I feared she'd trip any time and yet she stood there and then in a rather straight position.

Somewhere along the walking adventure we felt we had walked too far as if we had reached some other city ... so we finally decided to ask for directions to the Helsinki cemetery, a place Mia and I always seem to feel some comfort on since Faye has passed away and which we wanted to be the last visiting place as if to honour Faye, whose photo had guided us there ... 


 (To be continued)

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