Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The 3 day Italy trip - Firenze, the Duomo façade; around San Lorenzo - The 18th of September 2015


We headed towards the Duomo area in search of a small restaurant but as we reached the Piazza Palotolle I couldn't help but photograph some of the details on the Duomo's façade.

Moving away from there was quite difficult because we were both mesmerised by the Cathedral's beauty.

We stopped briefly outside the Palazzo Pucci' s inner courtyard we could see from the outside before  walking onto Piazza di San Lorenzo to photograph the unfinished façade of the church of San Lorenzo and the staute of Giovanni delle Bande Nere, Grand Duke Cosimo's father depicted in a battle dress.

It looked as if it could rain at any moment so we took a side street to the restaurant and had a four cheese pizza we shared before heading back to the hotel.

It had been an exhausting day but we were happy to have been in touch with Firenze's architectural features and were looking forward to the next day.


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