Saturday, 12 September 2015

My 4 day Helsinki trip in 2009 - Strolling around in the cemetery - The 3rd of November 2009


Cemeteries have become reflection places for us rather than mourning areas. Faye's untimely death has led Mia and I to reconsider life and what it is about and despite the fact that it was almost unbearable to look at stone tombs and "resting places" of this sort at the beginning the real truth is that nine years into her death our "relation" in regards to the inevitable, though unexpected has slightly changed. Cemeteries have become "comforting" areas, where we stroll around quietly now as if accepting the inevitability of life and death. 
One woman was jogging along the outer edges of the cemetery, which overlooked the sea. Red squirrels could be seen everywhere and seemed to have a rather playful and at times adventurous attitude (my back pack was "attacked" by two of them).

By early afternoon we decided it was time to head to the airport, we made it therefore into the city and somehow felt sorry we hadn't booked a longer stay ...

I am to a certain extent surprised I've managed to describe the trip Mia and I made six years ago, without too many hesitations, despite having had to find out about some dates related to monuments. I'd say it was a rather meaningful trip and memories were thus strongly engraved in my mind. 


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