Thursday, 24 September 2015

My 3 day Italy trip - Firenze, Saint Marco church - The 19th of September 2015


We headed towards Piazza San Marco to visit the church pertaining to a religious complex which comprises a convent and a Museum besides de church itself.

Founded in the 13th century by the Silvestrine monks the church was consecrated in 1443 following the invitation of Cosimo il vecchio to the Domenican monks from Fiesole to move in. He is said to have paid a considerable amount of money to have it rebuilt by Michelozzo. 
I was impressed by the number of frescoes and 16th and 17th century paintings decorating its walls and ceiling, many of which are said to have been painted by notable painters like Bernardino Pocceti, Domenico Passignano and Santi di Tito. I was equally impressed by a praying Madonna of the Byzantine school.

(To be continued)


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