Monday, 28 September 2015

My 3 day Italy trip - Firenze, Church of Santa Maria Novella (cont.) - The Western transept, the Capella di Strozzi di Mantova, Sacrestia, the Cappella Filippo Strozzi , the Eastern transept, the Cappella Bardi and inside façade - The 19th of September 2015


We continued our visit by strolling around the Western transept having stopped at both Strozzi Chapels, one of which was undergoing restoration works. We finally made it to the Cappella Bardi  by ways of the Eastern transept. 
The coronation of the Madonna and Saints by the Florentine school, c.1335-40

The Capella Strozzi di Mantova's altar with Jesus giving the key to the kingdmom to St. Peter apostle and the book of knowledge to St. Thomas Aquinas presented by the Virgin Mary (right). The frescoe ceiling depitcting St. Thomas Aquinas with the personification of the Virtues (left).

The Sacrestia

Filippo Strozzi Chapel

The tomb of Tedice Aliotti, Bishop of Fiesole (left). Tomb of Joseph, the Patriarch of Constantinopla , whose painting was carried out by a Florentine painter (right)

The martyrdom of Saint Ursula (left) and the massacre of the innocents (right).

Cappella Bardi

Saint Gregory giving money to a shipwrecked beggar (right).

The Trinity, Masaccio's pioneering work considered a masterpiece of perspective and portraiture.

Annunciation by Pietro Miniato (1366-1450).

(To be continued)



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