Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My 3 day Italy trip - Firenze, On the way to Saint Trinità; Piazza S. Croce, strolling along the Arno river - Santa Trinità bridge - The 20th of September 2015

We left very early in the morning on what would be our last morning in Firenze before getting on the train to take us back to Milano, where we would later fly from. We had hesitated as to what we might have been able to fit in till it was time to catch the train, so between visiting the church of Santa Croce Santa Trinità and or eventually cross over to the other side of the river and risk visiting the church of Saint Espirito, we opted for the church of Santa Croce.

We soon found out it would only open by eleven, which was out of the question for us, as we would be gone by then. I photographed some of the church façade's details, as well as Dante's sculpture, which I had fallen in love with.

From there we walked along the river Arno towards Saint Trinità church, which we realised would be the only one we would have time to visit during the amount of time left. Furthermore, we were carrying our back packs and they did make a difference in regards to our walking pace.


We finally reached Ponte Santa Trinità, considered the most beautiful bridge in Florence. Said to have been originally built in wood in 1252 it was later rebuilt by Ammannati as a monument to Cosimo I's defeat of Siena. Michelangelo is credited as having been behind its elegant design. The statues of the four seasons, two of which we managed to photograph, were added in 1608 for Cosimo II's marriage to Maria of Austria.

(To be continued)


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