Monday, 21 September 2015

My 3 day Italy trip - Getting in and out of Milano - The 17th (late evening) and 18th (early morning) of September 2015

Having reached Milano Malpensa airport fairly late in the evening Mia and I went across the road to Moxy Malpensa hotel, which we had booked in advance. Because of an unexpected situation we were given a much bigger room than the one we had reservations for, which virtually meant we couldn't see each other, as the huge room was divided in two almost "separate" rooms.

Despite the late hour and the tiredeness we were still able to notice the modernity of the hotel decoration. The placards both in the room and the corridor we walked on were rather creative.  

We got up very early in the morning so as to get on the bus that would take us into the Central station from where we were to get on a rapid train heading to Napoli with a stop over at Bologna and Firenze.

Everything went according to the previously defined plan and by then we were looking forward to our two day visit to Firenze.

(To be continued)

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