Monday, 20 July 2015

The short duration Summer English course for 4 to 6 year old children (Day 1) - The 20th of July 2015

The Summer English course for my colleagues's four and six year old children and grandchildren started today and with it the anxiety on their and my part. Not knowing the children one is going to work with over a short period of time and having to achieve results for Friday, the closing day isn't easy.

I was happily surprised to find out I'd be having three of my former  and most "faithful" students, one of whom was the first one to arrive first thing of the morning.  

The  five new children got easily adapted with just one feeling a little bit tearful throughout the first hour, though they all soon felt at ease, particularly during the artistic activities and the puzzle making to reinforce the names of the animals in English that they had been taught.

Although only three of them managed to finish their Art projects for the day (once it was dependant on the degree of difficulty of the artistic endeavour) the others vowed to patiently wait for the following day to finish theirs.  

(To be continued)

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