Monday, 13 July 2015

The five day trip to Warsaw (Day 5 afternoon cont. still) - The Royal Castle - The Lanckononski collection - The 28th of June 2015


The Lanckononski collection comprises a series of paintings which initially decorated the picture gallery founded by Stanislaw August, later enriched with canvases by Italian masters of the 14th and 15th centuries, as well as an impressive collection of Mediterranean and Asian Antiquities.

Tapestry on the rape of Helen made in the workshop of Cornelis de Ronde, Brussels  around 1555.

Battle of Hannibal and Scipio (Alexander's victory against Poros) made in ivory  and attributed to Ignazy Elhafen (Austria or Germany) ca. 1700.

Two paintings by Jean Pierre Norblin de la Gourdanie, 1780's - Aeacus refusing to help Minos in the war against the Athenians (left) and Pygmalion and Galatea (right).

Allegory of Youth and Age by Louis Lagrenée, 1771

Portrait of Cardinal Stanislaw Hozjusz by an active painter in Rome, 1575 (right).

Portrait of King Charles of England and Scotland made in the studio of Van Dyke (left). Portrait of a lady by Willem van Honthorst, 1649 (right).

Stall with fruit and vegetables by Floris van Schooten (late  eighteenth century).

Two portraits painted by Rembrandt.

There isn't much I can say regarding the visit to the Royal Castle apart from the fact that I was mesmerised by everything and thus felt it had been the best way to finish my visit to Warsaw. I soon walked out and made my way to the hotel so as to collect the backpack and head to Chopin International airport.


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