Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The five day trip to Warsaw (Day 4 afternoon cont.) - St. Anne's Church - The 27th of June 2015


As I was making my way towards the Barbican I happened to notice that visits to St. Anne's church were allowed then, so I decided not to miss the opportunity of finally seeing its interior, though I must confess I was in no way expecting to find such a fascinating classicist and rococo interior behind the 1787 classicist façade.

Completed in the second half of the 15th century it is said to have been rebuilt in different styles following its destruction over the years. But there is no doubt that despite that (or eventually because of that ongoing refurbishing) it makes an overwhelming impression on the visitors namely because of its rich frescoe covered interior.

I couldn't help photographing it from various perspectives as if I didn't want to miss any of the details. Photos may or may not speak for themselves but in all honesty I was mesmerised by its richly decorated interior .

 (to be continued)


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