Monday, 20 July 2015

The Ama-San - Temporary photo exhibition by Cláudia Varejão at Museu do Oriente, Lisboa - The 19th of July 2105

Diving for algae, sea urchins, oysters and pearls has been an activity which women in Japan have been performing for over 2,000 years. The women who sometimes dive as deep as 20 metres without oxygen bottles and any other sophesticated breathing apparatus are known as Ama (which literally stands for women of the sea) and are able to sustain their breathing under water up to two minutes.
The temporary exhibition I ended up seeing is the result of two trips to the Ise-Shima peninsula in Japan, more precisely to the fishing villages of Wagu, Ijika, Oosatu and Toushijima where Cláudia photographed the Ama-San  and their ongoing activities in what can be considered a rather well documented ethnografic study.

Photographing small framed photos was rather difficult but I still managed to photograph some so as to share them with the online viewers.


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