Thursday, 9 July 2015

The five day trip to Warsaw (Day 5 morning and early afternoon) - The Lazienki Park - An Opera performance at the Old Orangery Court Theatre and a Chopin concert out in the open - The 28th of June 2015


I photographed the Yazdow Castle from the canal as I didn't risk walking up all the way due to time constraints. Erected by the Dukes of Masovia in the 13th century it has been reconstructed several times since. It now houses the Centre for Contemporary Art.

There would be an opera performance at the Old Orangery 18th century Court theatre I was keen on watching, this being one of the reasons as to way I didn't visit the Yazdow Castle.

I fell in love with the 18th century theatre with its pilaster statues and  paintings above the stage and on the plafond depicting Apollo in a quadriga. The opera aria extracts were presented in Polish and I didn't manage to identify any. I must nevertheless say that I did enjoy the performances and above all the overall atmosphere.

Before walking back up so as to visit the upper floor I went into the theatre lavatories and was once more astonished to see there were fresh flowers almost everywhere, which is more than unusual back at home, even during festivity time.

I thoroughly enjoyed walking along the entrance corridors as I admired the sculptures, most of which works made by 19th century artists.

I finally made my way up heading towards the Chopin monument garden where a concert was being held at midday. By the time I reached the garden I was somehow surprised to find out it hadn't yet started (particularly because the pianist was British) as punctuality wasn't being complied with. The presenter warned us of some unexpected event that had led to the pianist's delay but the overall feeling seemed to be one of patience.

It was extremelly hot and most of us (apart form the cautions Asian visitors who almost always carry their umbrellas around with them) weren't prepared to sustain the direct sun rays, but again the concert was a must and we held on firmly. I am glad I waited and endured the adverse weather conditions because the concert  and the musical experience were definitely second to none.


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