Thursday, 2 July 2015

The five day trip to Warsaw (Day 2 and 3) - The Aviation English Forum and the University of Warsaw Library roof garden - The 25th and 26th of June 2015

I was attending an Aviation Forum, which was supposed to take place at the University of Warsaw campus, though the address I had been given did not correspond to the correct place of the venue. Thanks to the help of someone I was introduced to I was literally "taken"  around the campus and across a city garden towards Dobra street, right in front of the University of Warsaw Library.


If the University Linguistic Department we spent the two days  the forum lasted at was quite an interesting building with its inner green spaces I was told I needed to go up to the University of Warsaw Library roof garden as I'd be in for a surprise.



Apart from the importance of the Forum, which I'll obviously not discuss in this blog, I was particularly happy to get together with people  I am strongly attached to and whom I have worked with in the past, as well as getting to know quite a few newcomers I hope to get as strongly attached to.


I couldn't help but taking two photos with  the "older" Forum colleagues, on behalf of a bond that keeps us looking forward to seeing one another at least yearly. 

Andjelka, Diana and Jadranka (left). Terence, Fiona, Adrian and Bozena (right)

On the last day of the Forum I finally made it to the roof garden of the University od Warsaw Library, whose canteen we had had lunch at over the last two days. I was utterly surprised, not to say "shocked" to come across such a magnificent 10,000m2 garden, which is considered  one of the largest and most beautiful roof gardens in Europe.
Having been designed by Irena Bajerska it consists of two different level gardens at different with its segments interconnected by paths, bridges and pergolas. Visitors have the privilege of being able to admire  a wide variety of plant species, from flowering shrubs to fleece vine.
I believe that what I was most impressed with was the whole layout  and overall atmosphere of the garden, with relaxing and contemplating spaces.


As I left the upper garden the sky suddenly turned greyish and it began to rain ... but I didn't care, once I had been closer to "heaven" than I might have expected and as I strolled back to the hotel the green grass ... with specks of shrubbery ... , the exquisite plants whose names I'll never know ... and all of those magic moments were still on my mind ...

(To be continued)


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