Friday, 10 July 2015

The five day trip to Warsaw (Day 5 afternoon cont.) - The Royal Castle's Knights' Hall, the Throne Room, the Conference Room, the King's Study, the King's Dressing Room and the King's Bedchamber - The 28th of June 2015


The Knights' Hall was the most important ante room leading to the Throne Room, where Senators and Diplomats accredited to the Court would gather during the Royal audiences. The Statue of Chrono-Saturn symbolizes the lasting memory of great statesmen. The romm decorative motifs together with the extensive array of paintings and sculptures depicting renowned national characters and historic events are enhanced by a quotation from the Aeneid by Virgil which runs along the top of the walls praising men who give their lives for the country.

The Throne's Room is where the most important visitors were granted an audience with King Stanislaw. Red and gold are the dominant colours of the room, which together with many elements of the interior decoration symbolised the Royal power.
The Polish eagles which are hand embroidered in silver bullion and are to be seen behind the throne are just a fine reproduction of the original ones said to have been ripped off the throne by Nazi officers in October 1939. 

The Conference Room adjacent to the Throne Room is also known as the European Monarchs' Portrait Room once the King dedicated it to the seven European monarchs of the time whose portraits he commissioned so as to have their portraits as the main motif of the room décor. It should also be mentioned that the reconstructed floor is made of thirteen different types of wood.

The King's Dressing Room and the Study were installed for the King Stanislaw August before 1769 having been subject to changes since then.

Portrait of Izabella Lubomirska Czartoryska (1733-1816), cousin of the King (right).
The King's Bedchamber pertains to the private, residential part of the King's apartment. 

Death of Virginia  by the Italian School - First half of the 18th century (left).

(To be continued)

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