Sunday, 19 July 2015

"The Divine Comedy" engravings by Salvador Dali - Temporary exhibition at Colombo Shopping Mall, Lisboa - The 18th of July 2015

I had been wanting to visit the cultural space devised for temporary exhibitions in one of the most visited shopping malls in Lisbon and although I had not specifically intended to visit this temporary exhibition during the weekend ended up doing so because of a minor traffic problem.

The name of Dali brings about memories of when I visited his House Museum in Figueres and though I was not expecting his engravings on the Divine Comedy of Dante to be as exquisite as some of the paintings and artistic oeuvres I came across then, they were nevertheless a rather unique journey through what critics consider the bringing together of different stylistic aspects of the painter and a milestone in his career.
Embedded in a gallery-like structure the exhibition was divided in three parts as according to the themes (Hell, Purgatory and Paradise) created by the artist. I didn't follow the sequence in which Dali is said to have immersed in (the layers that Dante scaled) but strolled randomly around the various inner galleries in my personal journey of "colour".

In the Heaven of Mercury (left). Beatrice resolves Dante's doubts (right).

The lustful (left). The ascent to Venus (right).

Dante purified (left). Dante re-awakes (right).

 News of the lower depths of hell (left). The Minotaur (right).

Arachne (left). The Simoniac (right).

Ugolino and Ruggieri (left). Lucifer (right).

The Law of Ascension (left). Our Lady of the Annunciation (right).

The angels of the Empyrean (left). The Apparition of St. James (right).



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