Sunday, 19 July 2015

Namban - Retrospective of Cohen Fusé's artistic production - Temporary exhibition at Museu do Oriente, Lisboa - The 19th of July 2015

I headed to Museu do Oriente fairly early so as to see two temporary exhibitions, one of which I had read about. I was almost immediately taken by the explosion of colour and intricate details in Luis Cohen Fusé's paintings.
Born in Buenos Aires Fusé has been residing in Portugal for the last three decades and the fact that the exhibition's title is Namban ( a Sino-Japanese word whose generic meaning is alien or outsider) is strongly connected to his life path.
In the words of the curator Fernando Alagoa "to contemplate the work of Luis Cohen Fusé implies getting enraptured in the poetry of senses and surrendering to a supreme state of beauty". Whether that resonates with every visitor I don't know but I feel that none will be indifferent to his art, in which the woman is almost always present, in an homage-like type of approach, from oil on canvas or linen to sculpted female figures.
I first came across a series of oil on canvas mural type of paintings ...

Amber forever-2011 (left). Blues of desire-2013 (right).

Summer night-2011 (left).

and then another series, this time of oil on linen pertaining to a different period, as I noticed most of the paintings had been painted from 1987 through to 2012 ...

The shining of the wisterias (left). The courtesan of the roses and wasps (right).

The courtesan of the yellow lilies (left). The song of the cicada (right).

The peony courtesan (left). Sayonara dreaming (right).

White and blue-2005 (left). Among the lilies-2011 (right).


Lying on a sofa with a black shawl-2013

Sensuality-2010 (left). Odalisc with mirror-2006 (right)

Lost Paradise (left). Nostalgia - water (right)

                                                                   Oniric Instinct

And finally the puppet-like sculpted female figures ...


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