Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The five day trip to Warsaw (Day 4 late afternoon) - On the way back to the hotel - St. John Baptist Cathedral's interior and the Branicki Palace's and Grand Theatre's façades - The 27th of June 2015

Despite being exhausted because of having walked almost non-stop since early morning I couldn't help walking back into the St. John Baptist Cathedral to photograph some of the things I hadn't had the chance of photographing in its interior before.

Instead of walking back to the Gromada Hotel via the obvious route I had always taken I decided to walk via the Miodowa street, where I came across the 18th century Branicki Palace heading towards the Grand Theatre.


Built in 1825 through to 1833 the National Theatre's size really caught me by surprise. I hadn't imagined it to be so big and more so to realise that having been bombed during the siege of Warsaw in 1939 in which it was almost toally burnt out, only its façade is said to have survived.

By the time I got to my hotel room I was ready to fall on the bed and go to sleep. I was nevertheless particularly happy with the amount of things I had managed to visit during the whole day.


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