Sunday, 10 May 2015

World Press Photo - temporary exhibition at Museu da Electricidade, Lisboa - The 3rd of May 2015

On Mother's day Mia and I decided to do some of the things we enjoy doing together and because the World Press Photo exhibition was on at Museu da Electricidade we headed there despite the heavy rain. 

I often use the yearly World Press photos in my English classes for discussion purposes, particularly the ones that relate to a story telling and despite taking photos of photos may not be the healthiest way to use them, as we were walking around the exhibit rooms, I couldn't help photographing some of the ones that mostly impressed me.

Andy Roccheli, Italy - Russian lady posing for a photograph to be later posted in a dating website. 

Lisa Krantz, USA - Young Amorie West dressed up as disco sound girl before attending a Halloween party (left). Raphaella Rosella, AUstralia - Laurind, a young Kamilaroi girl playing with her dress as she waits for the bus that will take her to the Sunday school classes (right).

Michelle Palazzi, Italy - A young Mongolian stripper getting ready for a strip show in the capital city (left).Liu Song, China - A woman suspect of being a sex worker is held for questioning at a police station in the province of Chongqin (right).

Arash Khamooshi, Iran - A young man from the Province of Noor sue to be hanged for having stabbed a friend is slapped by his mother, who present at the public hanging chose not to push the chair in an act of symbolic forgiveness which puts a stop to the execution.

Massimo Sestini, Italy - refugees crowded on board of a boat sailing 25 km from the Lybian coastline (left). Jerome Sessine, France - the body of a passenger from the Ukraine crashed Malaysia Airlines still strapped to her seat (right).

Sergei Ilnitsky, Russia - Ski jump in the flight phase of his jump during the ski jumping World Cup.

Ami Vitale, USA - A group of young Sambure warriors touch a black  rhino for the first time at the Lewa Wildlife Reserve which carries out awareness classes in regards to the damaging consequences of poaching (left). Yongzhi Chu, China - A rhesus  macaque cowering as its circus trainer gets closer  during a training session (right).

The number of visitors almost exceeded the space capability of the various rooms in which the exhibition was being held, making it difficult to thoroughly look at some of the most impressive photos, I found it nevertheless rather interesting and a real challenge to take the few photos I managed to take.


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