Thursday, 21 May 2015

Four day trip to the Netherlands (Day 1 afternoon cont.) - Maastricht - The Kempland's fair and the Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek - The 14th of May 2015


We walked along the river Meuse a little uncertain as to where the fair was being held and it was as we were about to give up that a distinct sound coming form the opposite side of the river bank  caught our attention - a concert was definitely going on there, so we headed in that direction. 

The fair was particularly well organised as far as the selling of products from different countries was concerned, namely former Dutch colonies, as well as the food stalls where one could taste several cuisine specialities from a wide variety of equally different countries. An Italian rock group was playing and the overall atmosphere was quite pleasant. We found it difficult to get back to the train station so as to head "home".

As we made our way towards Saint Servatius bridge we came across the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Basilica, which I felt I shouldn't miss.
Dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption this 11th-12th century Roman Catholic parish Church is said to have most probably been built on a site once occupied by a Roman Temple and a religious shrine dedicated to the God Jupiter. It is considered an important example of the Mosan group of churches characterised by massive westworks. Its westwork built of carbonic sandstone dates from the early 11th century.

The 13th century portal provided access to the church but also to the Star of the Sea chapel, housing the 15th century miraculous statue of Our Lady, star of the sea, visited by hundreds of worshippers every day.

The architectural style of the Basilica's interior was rather impressive to wich the dim light added a mystical like atmosphere.

Relation by Sjra Schoffelen - 1987

Mestreechter Geis by Mari Andriesen - 1962 (a character  taken from the operetta - Three people from Maastricht to the Moon).

When we got onto the train leaving for Eindhoven we were tired but rather happy with what we had managed to visit.


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