Monday, 25 May 2015

The four day trip to the Netherlands (Day 2 afternoon) - Eindhoven - in and out of the city centre - The 15th of May 2015

By the time we got back to Eindhoven it was rather warm, so we decided we'd be exploring the parks both in the city centre and out rather than the Museum visits or any other visits which would imply not taking advantage of the good weather.
Just outside the central train station we came across some well animated characters but also a huge mural on the different cultural characters that may have influenced the city growth. They were reasonably well identifiable and I personally found them to be quite well characterised. 

From there we walked towards the Markt Place filled with small cafés and esplanades, among which the statue of Frits Philips stood out. In the Music Centre bearing his name a placard with the name of the well known Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires caught our attention.


St. Catharina Church stood proudly in the centre of another huge square a bit further along and a bit further still  a branch of the Dommel and the Van Abbe Museum, which we intended to visit the following day. I kept on taking photographs of small details I felt somehow gave the city a colourful like and rather distinct look.

From there on we made our way along the Anne Frank Park. As we kept walking and appreciating the calmness, the flowers, nature and everything therewith associated we didn't realise we had walked for hours on end and gone as far as the outskirts of the city having had to make our way back by bus once we were completely exhausted. It wasn't but later we realised the distance we had "covered" along the Dommelplantsoen, the Stadswandelpark and finally through one part of the Geneker park. 


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