Friday, 22 May 2015

Four day trip to the Netherlands (Day 2 morning cont.) - Breda - The Grote Onze Lieve Vrouwe Church - The 15th of May 2015


Upon reaching the Grote Onze Lieve Vrouwe Church and walked into it interior I noticed that  I would be able to finally get through the church visit without too many questions left unanswered as underneath most of the Artistic pieces there was an explanation in English.

I fell in love with it almost immediately and it was not solely due because of what I have mentioned before. This Barbantine Gothic style church considered the most important monument and landmark of Breda was ample, well illuminated and an Art Museum.

The Vault painted frescoes date back to 1533 and are said to have been carried out by the Italian painter Tommaso di Andrea Vincidor, a student of Raphael.

The wall painting of Saint Christopher, worshipped as the patron Saint of  the travellers dates back to 1500.

15th century mural in Flemish style depicting the angel's Annunciation to the Virgin Mary. 

Grave of Jan I van Polanen. The grave stone depicts the first Lord of Breda together with his wives.

Princes'Chapel or Nassau Memorial Chapel. In 1530-1534 Count Henry III of Nassau is said to have had this rather impressive monument made in honour of his predecessor Engelbrecht II and his wife Cimburga van Baden.

(To be continued)


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